Platinum Award
This pieces in unique in many way. First of all it is a Functional Sculpture. It means it was conceived to be a exhibited work of art, yet can be used as a side table. To better achieved its artistic and utilitarian purposes it combines two objects in one. Each independent piece is fantastic and combined are splendid. The object was design in this form because the red piece is mobile with the purpose of being an assisting top to the meeting table.


Wood is from acredite supplier. The Steel is a recicle material.


Bronce A' Design Award & Competition




My work was inspired on my client’s profession and the word Sotavento that cut my attention during a visit. Sotavento means on navigational terms: “the Direction of the strong wind”. My client is a Business man. I see the relation between the word’s meaning and my clients line of work. In the composition the observer will find represented: Waves by the curve, vessel by the wood, passion by the color red, and strength in the dark finished wood.
Fabrizio Constanza Design
Fabrizio Constanza Design is a company dedicated to create unique functional art collectables pieces and design and production of commissioned pieces for private or hospitality projects.
Country: Guatemala
Phone: 5 (025) 202-6064
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Fabrizio Constanza Design
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