Stained Glass Illuminated Saxophone

Silver Award
Stained glass fully-illuminated Tenor Saxophone that is totally three dimensional. Real brass saxophone components are juxtaposed to create maximum intrigue and interest including: mouthpiece and neck, key guard and thumb rest. Real brass stems are combined with white glass buttons to a create artistic interpretation of the many pads and keys located on a saxophone.

Fully illuminated/back-lit with LEDs.


LEDs consume low power and a day timer is provided to turn off/on during specified time period each day.


This Tenor Saxophone was selected by juror Janet Bishop, Sculpture Curator for the San Francisco Museum of Modern for national glass exhibit in New York during 2016




Installation is straightforward with only standard electrical needed and standard picture hooks mounting art piece to wall

Stained Glass Sculpture Art

I combine stained glass, illumination and 3D forms like not other artist. These illuminated/back-lit pieces are unique, captivating and magnificent.

My full scale (or larger) three dimensional art is clad in stained glass, and accessorized with pieces of mosaic tiles, metals and other creative materials. Pieces can be illuminated allowing constant or gradually phased in/out lighting. Custom logos/images can be incorporated (examples include: circular middle of acoustic guitar, within the pick guard, bass drum) to create branding opportunities.

I can make anything around a subject or theme a client desires. Pieces to date include:'
* Musical Instruments: guitars, drums, pianos, saxophones, cellos
* Pets: German Shepherd
* Over-sized Murals: Washington DC Monument and Cherry Blossoms
* Fish
* Star of David Clocks


4551 Blackland Drive
Marietta GA 30067

(770) 289-1916
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