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Integrating Art with Architecture Through Glass
Integrating Art with Architecture Through Glass
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Traditional French Matting
Subtle decorative details are an important part of custom picture framing - and french mats are one way to add that polished, handcrafted look to your project.

French matting a traditional technique - using watercolor or paper panels along with ink or pencil lines around the perimeter of a matted piece of art.

Our designers look into the art for particular design cues regarding color, proportion, line, scale, and texture to create a specific feel and emphasize design elements of the art.

It works with not only traditional subjects but contemporary ones as well.


*This item is made to order
*all made in house and hand-crafted in Dallas, TX
Art Dallas
Art Dallas, Inc. provides art and framing services to the design trade. Our goal is to provide the best, most complete service at the best possible price.
Our obligation and loyalty is to design professionals responsible for the selection and installation of art in commercial and hospitality projects all over the world.
Why is Art Dallas unique?
Our custom picture framing facility has the technology and organizational expertise to do very complex, very high-end framing jobs on a budget.
Do you need a real wood frame designed and built to fit on a curved wall? Need a Miro or Elvis’s Vegas cape expertly framed? Art Dallas has done all that, and more.
Our production facility produces high volume framed art and other pieces on a real budget.
Need six hundred mirrors framed? Need 15,000 pieces for a new resort? Art Dallas can handle both.
Art Dallas maintains an inventory of THOUSANDS of pieces of ORIGINAL ART representing the widest possible range of styles and media.
Don’t see what you like? Art Dallas does POD on paper, canvas, Plexiglas, aluminum, copper, glass. Need it bigger? We’ll print a mural. Odd shape? – We’ll print a wrap for a car hood.
Our specialty products are even cooler – we can custom pattern glass for your antique mirror. We can turn your heirloom chair into a one of a kind art object with Flash!™ - our new proprietary way to coat frames and fixtures with actual silver. Our Video Windows use evidence based design to implement a Healing Arts program for health care.
When Art Dallas does the art for a project it arrives intact, on time and organized in a way that minimizes the cost of installation – whether it’s for an office across town, or enough art to fill three containers bound for Morocco.
With over twenty-five years of experience Art Dallas can serve as your complete art resource in a million unique ways.
How can we serve you today?
Address: 2325 Valdina Street
City: Dallas
State: TX
Zip: 75207
Country: United States
Phone: (214) 688-0244
Fax: (214) 688-0244
Website: http://www.artdallas.com
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Art Dallas
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