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LiteTouch Inc.
Imagine the beginning of a perfect day. You touch a single button by your bedside and the bedroom lights slowly and gently turn up to 40 percent. At the same time, the bathroom heat lamps activate, the shower starts and the bath towels begin warming. And you haven't set foot out of bed yet. Imagine if all your everyday situations could be so effortlessly and perfectly realized. As if your house was really and truly at your service. This isn't a futuristic utopian vision. This is LiteTouch, and it's available to you today. At the simple touch of a button, LiteTouch's advanced lighting and control system automatically performs at just the right time of day, and in just the right way to create the perfect mood--every time. LiteTouch can really make life better. Just imagine the possibilities
Address: 3400 South West Temple
City: Salt Lake City
State: UT
Zip: 84115
Country: United States
Phone: (801) 486-8500
Fax: (801) 486-8569
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