ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2020-21

Light Logger¢â€ž¢

Gold Award
The Leviton Light Logger is a battery-powered device that monitors an area and logs the lighting and occupancy of a space or a room. Whenever the status of the lighting or occupancy changes, a new log entry is entered in to its non volatile memory. The device can monitor up to eight rooms each of which can have an independent data log. The col¬lected data is downloaded over USB cable to a win¬dows based PC for display, analysis and reporting. The Logger observes the lighting level and auto¬matically adjusts to ambient light levels. Only sudden changes in lighting, such as those caused by unnatural light (i.e. turning ON a light fixture), would result in a light sensor response. The Logger decides that an area is vacant if it detects no motion for a period of approximately 10 minutes. Although the logger detects each change in either lighting or occupancy, it will store only one log entry for any particular minute to conserve memory. The entry stored represents the last state seen during that minute. The Logger memory can hold up to 30,000 log entries. Each log entry details the date, time and status. All of this information is kept in the Logger's memory until the user retrieve it using a PC.

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