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Best of 2014 - Products
Platinum Award
Ambiance CLX Series
The Ambiance CLX Series by Modern Flames was the first linear electric to hit the market. This linear design features the most realistic flame pattern and LED light technology. Available in 5 different sizes perfect for both residential and commercial applications.


The Ambiance CLX features an energy efficient low cost lighting and heating system. The LED light strand illuminates the unit and consumes less than 5 Amps while in use and 15 Amps while in use with the heater. Our units heat with electricity and will not product and harmful emissions.


This product has won the Vesta award at the HPBA show and continues to be nominated every year.


With 5 different sizes this collection ranges from $1049 to $7499. Starting with the smallest unit being 40" and ending with the worlds largest linear electric fireplace at 144"


The Ambiance CLX has taken control of the linear electric market place. You can find this unit in all the Wendy's restaurants across the US and Canada, was featured on the NBC set of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and seen in countless hotels and restaurants throughout the US and Canada.
Modern Flames LLC
Address: 3423 E Atlanta Ave
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip: 85040
Country: United States
Phone: (602) 268-9353
Website: http://www.modernflames.com
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Modern Flames LLC
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