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Water Table
This table is a continuation of my work inspired by universal shapes and Chinese characters. In Chinese culture, we highly respect water: not only because water is necessary for the existence of all living things, but also because it can cause the huge disasters. The water that bears the Boat is the same that swallows it up. This Chinese slang means that the same knife could cut both bread and finger alike. The shape of the joints are based on the Chinese character 水(shuǐ), which means water. The forms of the tabletop and legs also take cues from the fluid shapes of the lake and water fall.
I used hand-cut joinery to connect tabletop and legs, in order to show my enchantment of traditional woodworking methods. Without using glue, the table also can be made solid and stable by using this strong wood joinery.


Ge Yang
Ge Yang was born and raised in Qingdao, a Germany and Japan colonized multicultural city in China. He earned a BA in Environmental Art Design in 2009 from Xi'an Polytechnic University located in what was the capital city of China during the Tang dynasty. Multiple cultural influence and Family background encourage him to go abroad and continue his education in furniture design and making. Currently, he is completing his MFA in Furniture Design and Woodworking at UMass Dartmouth.
City: New Bedford
State: MA
Country: United States
Website: http://geyangwood.com
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Ge Yang
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