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See our full product line
Gold Award
Torchon Screen
Available as one, two, three or four panels, the Torchon Screen can function as an artful headboard, as a room-divider, as standing wall art or to conceal and add mystique to any work or living area. The Torchon Screen, custom-carved in solid maple in dps’s twining Vine Pattern©, draws its name from vintage course bobbin lace that is reminiscent of twisted straw. The screen is available in custom colors to accent any environment. Each panel is 6.5 feet high x 20” wide x 2” thick with polished nickel hinges: high enough, flexible and stable enough to conform to individual needs without overwhelming space.


All natural materials.


Diane Paparo Studio
Founded on the marriage of quality, beautiful detailing and thoughtful functionality, dps® is designed for luxurious living.  With a line of fine Italian linens, custom American furniture and hand-crafted rugs, dps strives to offer a wide array of home products with an heirloom level of detail and craftsmanship that will enhance the way you live now and for generations to come.

The work of dps sets itself apart from much of the luxury market with a custom feeling in every product.  Each piece is made to order and offers a contemporary twist on classic aesthetics.  From furniture that combines stainless steel with exotic woods and stones - to hand-embroidered sheets and towels - to multi-level and multi-fiber rugs - the collection is as eclectic as it is elegant.

The Studio has recently added wallpaper borders to its line of wall surface options. Each new addition strives to offer the same timeless design and minimal environmental impact that define the rest of the collection.  The company and the collection are currently incorporating an embedded, second-nature approach towards sustainability into everything that they do – in an effort to provide customers with the best without compromising the health and the future of our planet.
Address: 20 W. 22nd St. #1516
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10010
Country: United States
Phone: (212) 308-9019
Website: http://dpstudiousa.com
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Diane Paparo Studio
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