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See our full product line
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Platinum Award
Roberts Stool
A sleek and strong square steel tubing base topped with a thin carved Walnut or Maple seat displaying a contrasting diagonal inlay (either Maple of Walnut). It comes in three heights: Tabletop, Counter and Bar height. The base is offered in 6 color variations while the top comes in Walnut or Maple.
H: 20.5", 22.5” or 32.5" W: 18” D: 9”
Materials: Walnut/Maple Wood and Meta Base Colors: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Black and White


$430 (table height)
$460 (counter height)
$520 (bar height)
Tronk Design
Tronk is a Cincinnati based furniture company that prides itself on their unique designs, the quality of the materials used, as well as the craftsmanship. Each item is handmade, and inspected to ensure that customers receive only the finest products Tronk has to offer. Our furniture is made of three different types of hardwoods: cherry, maple, and walnut, to ensure that our products will last a lifetime, and longer.

Created by two friends from Ohio, the Tronk style reflects a timeless American design aesthetic. Clean lines, sleek styling and strong features create pieces of furniture that will last years, without ever going out of style.
Address: 11110 Adwood Dr.
City: Cincinnati
State: OH
Zip: 45240
Country: United States
Phone: (513) 529-0210
Website: http://www.tronkdesign.com
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Tronk Design
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