OmniTouch 5.7e PoE Touchscreen

Platinum Award
This incredibly innovative product requires only one wire for installation, saving installers time and homeowners money. The screen features an intuitive user interface that can be entirely customized to the liking of the homeowner, resulting in unparalleled user friendliness. Don't have thermostats integrated? Then why be bothered with a "temperature" icon? Simply remove it. Or, create custom themes with family photos, favorite teams, etc. The OmniTouch 5.7e is designed to be easy to install and non-intrusive, which is why there are six color options for the hardware. The ability to control all audio/video equipment in addition to security, lighting, temperatures, irrigation, and more, is an amazing feature for homeowners. Being able to view logs of information including alarms and access times is another safety feature that homeowners love. On the way out the door in a hurry? Simply push "Away" on your way out to activate security system, turn off all lights, lower the temperature, and turn off any audio/video equipment or small appliances. Boss coming over for work? Walk in the door and select "Entertain" to provide an appropriate ambiance.


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