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KOTA 185w LED High Bay Light 120v-277v
The KOTA 185w LED High Bay Light 120v-277v is an incredibly powerful fixture that delivers up to 20,324 lumens, is rated at 100,000 hours (over 11 years), and features a patented design that passively cools the LEDs. Better yet, these KOTA fixtures come with easy mounting options and prewired cords that eliminate any need to open the fixture for installation.


With a wattage of 185 and a high lumen output of 19308, we get an incredible efficacy of almost 105 lumens per watt. Meaning that this fixture is able to run much longer with a significant fraction of the resources it takes to run a comparable metal halide fixture.


$346.88 with discounts available for larger orders


This fixture has a heatsink with an unmatched ability to redistribute heat. The simple explanation is that it removes heat from the area around the COB LED, which keeps crucial components cool and functioning at full capacity. The science behind these heat sinks incorporates copper heat sinks; the core of each heat sink is essentially a root system of these copper pipes, through which heat can travel and escape to the black, cold-forged fins. These heat sinks are finished through a process called electrophoretic deposition, which helps improve consistency across all surfaces.
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