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Salmon shaped ceramic tiles
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Stratum Collection, Hanex Solid Surfaces
Clara (ST-101) with serene white color and gentle, natural movement
Marelinho (ST-102) with soft touches of realistic veining twisting through a warm sand color
Nublado (ST-103) with drifting, wavy pattern and light-grey palette
Ardosia (ST-104) a silky grey base with soft, rippling notes
Moreno (ST-105) featuring earthy tones and flowing strata
Grenicio (ST-106) with crisp, cool grey coloring and wispy veining
Hanex Solid Surfaces continues to create and deliver some of the most durable, stylish materials on the market - which are as versatile as they are gorgeous. The surfaces are stain-resistant and nonporous, making them the ideal material for commercial applications. To view Hanex’s newly launched designs and the entire spectrum of colors visit


NSF51 Certification
This Standard is applicable to the materials and finishes used in the manufacture of food equipment (e.g., beverage dispenser, cutting board, work surfa es, etc).
Green guard Certification
Indoor Air Quality Certification ensures that products meet indoor air quality pollutant guide lines/standards.


$395-20 Sheets
$460-1/2 ̋ (1-19 Sheets)
N/A-1/4 ̋ (1-19 Sheets)
HanStone Quartz
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