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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25

Halo Swing Activated Faucet and Eyewash

Platinum Award

Bradley Corp., manufacturer of the most advanced industrial washing and safety solutions for 100 years, introduces its new space-saving Halo Swing-Activated Faucet and Eyewash. This innovative dual-use design provides a reliable, compact and convenient faucet and eyewash solution for use in any work or laboratory environment.

The Halo Swing-Activated Faucet and Eyewash combines a gooseneck faucet for regular use, such as handwashing, with a built-in emergency eyewash featuring Halo technology that is proven to deliver the most effective eye washdown coverage available. Two swing-activated models are available, including S19-500 Series with the eyewash positioned on the right side of the fixture and S19-505 Series with the eyewash on the left side.

During regular faucet use, the eyewash is stored out of the way. In an emergency, the eyewash is immediately activated when it is swung out 90 degrees over the sink. When the eyewash is activated, the patented swing-activated design ensures that the faucet moves out of the way, positioning the eyewash directly over the sink and allowing clear access to the fixture. With the eyewash in the optimal position over the sink, water is contained in the sink without dripping or spraying on countertops and floors, which can create mess and risk of slipping and falling. 

The swing-activated model is ideal for a variety of work spaces and, in particular, laboratories in healthcare and education, pharmacies, testing and R&D facilities, and other applications such as restaurant kitchens and dental offices.

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The Design Process

Designed with a durable ceramic valve that limits wear and tear on moving parts, this swing-activated model provides dependability and long-lasting performance. The faucet can be activated by three different options – two handle hot and cold ceramic control valves, single tempered water control valve or single lever manual mixing and control valve.

The Halo eyewash includes an integral strainer to reduce debris in the water and prevent clogging, while the self-draining sprayhead ensures no stagnant water remains for any bacteria to grow.

In addition, the eyewash is fully functional even under low water pressure conditions (30psi). The Halo eyewash is mounted lower to the deck rather than on the top of the faucet, providing more convenient and comfortable use of the emergency fixture compared with competitive models on the market, and reinforcing stability and durability of the fixture during use.

For more than 100 years, Bradley has created the most complete and advanced commercial washrooms and comprehensive solutions that make industrial environments safe.

Bradley is the industry's leading source for multi-function handwashing and drying fixtures, accessories, partitions, solid plastic lockers, as well as emergency safety fixtures and electric tankless heaters for industrial applications. Based in Menomonee Falls, Wis., USA, Bradley serves commercial, institutional and industrial building markets worldwide.

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