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Ryohan EcoPower Sensor Faucet
TOTO's NSF-certified Ryohan EcoPower Self-Generating Hydropower Sensor Faucet is the first sensor faucet whose power source is completely self-sufficient. That's right -- this handsome chrome fitting generate its own electricity every time water spins its small internal turbine. Stored in a series of capacitors, this auto-generated electrical energy powers the faucet's operation. For periods of infrequent use, Ryohan EcoPower's solid core manganese dioxide lithium battery serves as a back-up power source. A Power and Water Miser TOTO's Ryohan EcoPower's smart-sensor technology uses an instantaneous pulse of infrared light to determine hands' presence before discharging water, which conserves power. The Ryohan EcoPower conserves water, too. Its predetermined flow rate metes out .17 gallons per 10-second cycle, which is 32% below the .25 gallons-per-cycle baseline set by the federal government for low-flow faucets. No water is discharged until hands are actually placed in the water stream's path, and the water flow stops almost immediately once the hands are removed. The Ryohan EcoPower faucet discharges only the water that users need. Reducing Hazardous Waste Replacing sensor batteries costs both time and money and generates hazardous battery waste. However, with minimum use, TOTO's Ryohan EcoPower's patented rechargeable battery will last up to 10 years without replacement. Decreasing water consumption with TOTO's Ryohan EcoPower Self-Generating Hydropower Sensor Faucet not only benefits home and business owners by returning lower water bills, but also benefits municipalities. Reduced water consumption can delay or defer the need to expand or build new water treatment and wastewater facilities.
TOTO USA - New York
TOTO USA Today- A full-line manufacturer of eco luxury products for the bath space, TOTO focuses on the art and science of bridging the relationship between people and water. With its innovative, high-performance technologies, TOTO harnesses water's powers to cleanse, rejuvenate, and relax, creating experiences for its owners that continually redefine civilized bath culture. rnrnThe company's success derives from its unsurpassed commitment to quality, reliability, technological innovation, and sustainability -- a commitment that pushes it beyond industry standards. The winner of numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions, TOTO USA is certified by ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 9001: 2000; it is the only plumbing manufacturer honored as Water Efficiency Leader by the Environmental Protection Agency.rnrnFeature by feature, product by product, no manufacturer designs, builds, and provides support better than TOTO. This total commitment to quality provides TOTO owners with worry-free performance over the lifetime of their products – a reward that validates their purchase every time they use their TOTO products.
TOTO USA's History of InnovationrnEstablished in California, in 1989, TOTO USA, INC.'s, original mission was to market high-performance low-flow -- 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) – toilets, introduced in response to the state's growing need for water conservation. A short 20 years later, TOTO USA has grown dramatically and today offers full line eco luxury, high-performance plumbing fixtures, fittings, and accessories for both residential and commercial spaces; employs 550+ Americans; has three major manufacturing plants, located in Morrow, GA, Lakewood, GA, and Cienega de Flores Nuevo Leon, Mexico; and two large assembly and logistics/warehousing facilities, located Fairburn, GA, and Ontario, CA. TOTO USA is a recognized leader in the upper mid- to high-end US residential and commercial plumbing products' market. rnrnTOTO USA's, parent company, TOTO, Ltd., located in Kitakyushu, Japan, was established in 1917, and, in its 92 year history, has made well over 60 million units of sanitary ware. Employing approximately 17,000+ individuals, TOTO, Ltd., has eight overseas offices, three Research and Development Centers, and ten domestic plants. rn rnWater Efficient Manufacturing ProcessesrnIn 2004, TOTO USA implemented a program to recycle the water it uses to manufacture vitreous china products at its state-of-the-art Morrow, GA, manufacturing facility. TOTO puts the reclaimed water through extensive treatment and purification processes before returning it to the Clayton County Water Authority. rnrnIn late 2007, when Georgia's Governor Sonny Perdue mandated that all corporations statewide reduce their water consumption by 10%, TOTO reduced its water consumption by an average 25%, saving an additional 3,859,000 gallons of water, through innovative gray water programs. TOTO will continue to identify creative ways to reduce further the water consumed during the manufacture of its water-efficient products.rnrnWith its driving commitment to enhance the human experience by innovating water technologies of the highest order, while passionately protecting the planet's natural resources, TOTO will continue to revolutionize notions of comfort and cleanliness and harmony in design, function, sustainability, style, and quality to distinguish the TOTO experience from all others.rnrn
Address: 25 Mercer St, 1st Floor
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10013
Country: United States
Phone: (917) 237-0665
Fax: (917) 237-0654
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TOTO USA - New York
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