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Mustang Red ¦the color with an Attitude! Alsons introduces the hot new accent color. Mustang Red, for the shower this hot new color is featured on the IN2ITION ® TWO SHOWERS IN ONE! IN2ITION ® combines a five-spray hand shower and a fixed shower head with an extra-wide spray. The patented innovative shower system operates as a hand shower or a shower head or BOTH at one time. The hand shower simply slips into position and is easily removed. IN2ITION ® features an integral three-way diverter with easy-turn lever redirecting water from the fixed shower head to the hand shower only or both at the same time. The hand shower spray functions include two massage options and an aerated champagne spray. Easy-turn spray dial adjusts from the front or the back for added versatility. The unit includes a 60  extendible shower hose which stretches to 82 !


Mustang Red Finish – available on select products; list prices starting at $220.00
Alsons Corporation
Alsons offers hundreds of unique choices. Designers, remodelers and consumers may select from hand showers and shower heads in a wide variety of styles, functions and finishes to personalize any bath. Alsons has recently introduced two new styles (square and oval) and a new “Mustang Red” color to their existing lineup of Alsons branded IN2ITION® hand shower/shower head shower systems. The ergonomically designed IN2ITION combines a four-spray or five-spray/massage hand-held shower, and a fixed shower head with an extra wide spray. The patented, 2-in-1 system gives consumers the option to use either the hand-held shower or shower head separately or together for a full-body shower experience. IN2ITION delivers a new level of comfort, convenience and versatility. IN2ITION is now available in three distinct styles and a variety of finishes. Alsons' patented fluidics spray technology delivers a reduced, water-saving flow of 1.6 gallons per minute (gpm) that actually feels like 2.5 gpm. The result is a 36-percent decrease in water usage compared to a standard system. There are also fluidics shower heads available with a 1.85 gpm spray, a 1.75 gpm spray, as well as a convenient two-spray unit that allows the user to switch between a water-saving 1.85 gpm and standard 2.5 gpm with the turn of a lever. The unique spray dynamics give users the sensation of a high water flow for a satisfying shower experience, yet with less water. The fluidics technology produces larger water droplets that stay hotter longer for a more saturating, soothing experience. It also delivers water at a higher velocity for a more invigorating shower experience, and distributes water that maintains uniform temperatures. Alsons is keeping up with the trends via its introduction of a 6 ¼-inch square shower head. The square design is a nod to modern styling that provides full body coverage and operates as an overhead shower. With this addition and the wide selection of brass shower heads fully stocked and available, Alsons continues to be the leader in innovative designs, styles and functions for overhead and brass showers. For shower systems, Alsons offers a 24-inch ADA decorative bar. The ADA bar features a slide mechanism and a brass spiral hose. The bar can be mounted vertically, horizontally or diagonally and is compatible with five hand-shower options, including a 4-spray/massage pin clean, 5-spray massage Victorian, 5-spray massage, 5-spray palm shower and a full spray push button hand shower. Alsons is also offering two new handle units for their ShowerSpa® body spray showers—the traditional cross handle (available in Chrome, Satin Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze) and contemporary cross handle (available in Chrome, Satin Nickel.
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