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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25

Mizu Freestanding Bathtub

Platinum Award
East meets west at the best of both worlds with the Mizu, an evolution of thetraditional Japanese soaking tub known as an ofuro. Taking its upright design cuesfrom the Peace Pagoda, the added option of our Thermal Air System brings the timehonoredbathing ritual into the 21st century with technological sophistication.Thousands of tiny heated bubbles provide a full sensory experience and unparalleledtherapeutic effects to wash away stress and fatigue. The Mizu’s steep-sided formhas the added benefit of fitting beautifully into small or irregularly shaped placeswhile providing a deep soak for seated bathing. The Mizu is a space for restoration,meditation and finding your inner zen.


Like all other products produced in our Valencia facility, the tubs are manufactured by equipment powered by our roof mounted 450 KW solar grid. This solar grid produces enough electricity to power all equipment. Not only does our manufacturing process utilizes green energy, the products we make utilize green technology as well. When adding a Thermal Air System to the tub it comes standard with HydrOzone, which not only provides a bathing experience like bathing in bottled water, but also eliminates the need for many cleaning chemicals, keeping such elements out of the waste water supply.Finally, whenever possible, any by-product from the manufacturing process is collected and recycled when appropriate to do so.


List Price - Tub Only $7,230, Retail for $5,425List Price - Thermal Air $10,265, Retail for $7,699.


Classic Japanese Soaker Design and feel but with a modern touch as it contains integral overflow and drain, along with ability to add our thermal air system.

Hydro Systems manufactures a full line of high quality bathtubs and accessories to suit the needs of all our customers. With our unique and distinct product categories, Designer, Metro, Maestro, Studio, Shower Pan and Lifestyle Collections, we strive to provide the choices our customers deserve. From our factory in California we manufacture hundreds of bathing product options. As a result, we’re sure you’ll find a product designed to meet your unique requirements.

29132 Avenue Paine
Valencia CA 91355
United States
(661) 775-0686
Hydro Systems
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