Tranquility Panel System

Visual and acoustical distractions in office environments have been proven to affect worker health and productivity. Constant interruptions can lead to an inability to focus and increase stress levels. Increased stress levels can lead to health issues and result in lost time and productivity. Distractions
caused by movement in the peripheral vision are an aspect of visual privacy that is often overlooked.

The Tranquility Panel System is designed to provide a flexible, yet highly effective way to control noise and minimize visual distractions. It incorporates both front and side privacy panels, enabling users to remain focused, work with fewer distractions, and be more productive in an open office floor plan.


The Tranquility Panel System not only carries industry leading certifications for sound dampening and durability, they have a great environmental story as well. The materials used in our panels are both recycled and recyclable. Our PET felt products feature 100% recycled materials from used plastic PET containers that have been converted into spun fibers.

Our Tranquility Wool Fabric panels feature 70% Recycled wool, 25% recycled polyacrylic and 5% otherrecycled fabrics for an equally sustainable product.


1. Plastic PET containers are picked up at recycling centers and sorted by type and color

2. The labels and caps are removed, then the bottles are washed, crushed and chopped into small pieces called “flakes”

3. The flakes are melted down and processed into fiber

4. The fiber is made into eco-friendly felt

Tranquility panels are GreenGuard Gold certified and have been awarded certifications for fabric and acoustical performance.


Poly Panels Starting at $299
PET Felt Panels Starting at $499
Wool Blend Fabric Starting at $699


Office environments are constantly evolving to support the changing needs of the modern workplace.These new workspaces help employees collaborate and foster teamwork - often at the expense of worker productivity and flexibility.

As needs change and offices are reconfigured, Tranquility Privacy Panels can be used in a variety of ways to minimize distractions and help you get the most out of any open office environment. All of our mounting kits were specifically designed and engineered to mount without piercing the panels, allowing you to use and re-use Tranquility panels in a variety of applications. Popular uses for Tranquility Privacy Panels include desk mount, wall mount, ceiling mount and Shoji privacy screens.

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