The concept of Alba starts with a very simple element: the designer's imagination was inspired by a drop of water - which she puts to use in different ways, depending on the model. References to the world of nature, with soft shapes contrasted with square lines, together with the use of a gold finish, combine to create Alba, a family with a strong visual impact.
In the table lamp version, the drop rests delicately on a gold rectangular-section profile in the shape of a double asymmetrical ā€˜Lā€™ , serving as the base and ornamentation of the light.
Suspension Alba on the other hand consists of two models: the single one, gracefully suspended by a cable, and the double one, where the cable supports a metal structure with a gold finish, with two offset arms, under which light shines from the opaline drops.
In the wall model, the solid is lightly attached to a square-section tubular support that fixes it to the ceiling rose.
Two floor-standing versions complete the project: in both versions, a large rectangular-section stem with a gold finish arises from an anthracite base. In the first version, an arm branches off from the top, with a sphere suspended underneath it, while in the second, two arms of different heights, on each side, support the luminous drops, one from above and the other from below.

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