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Platinum Award
Display Reveal
Display Reveal is the first "reveal" to have been designed as part of a comprehensive system for hanging and displaying wall objects and also serve equally well as a ubiquitous wall reveal.

Unlike other reveals, Display Reveal is designed in such a way to allow the weight of suspended objects to be transferred into the reveal-cavity and not from the reveal-lip. This design eliminates the hazards of popping and cracking joint compound on a finished wall surface. Objects may be suspended by means of thin 1.8 mm stainless cables or strong aluminum, even stronger stainless steel rods that are 4mm in section. The reveal, when acting as a hanging system track, is capable of supporting 110 lbs. per linear foot.


This product is made of the most recyclable material of all – aluminum. While it made from substantial recycled content, it may again be recycled at the end of project life. But perhaps more importantly the product lends itself to wise project design. The use of this product, as with most hanging systems, avoids many cycles of wall patching, sanding and repainting. During the life of a project, this product can greatly reduce VOC’s and indoor air particulates, improve space efficiencies, and economies of ownership.

But Display Reveal is not like any other hanging system track. Display Reveal also serves the purpose of a reveal. Reveals are one of the most frequently specified interior details. So, the use of Display Reveal is really accomplishing two specific tasks with one product. What can be more “sustainable” than one interior feature that serves two purposes? And, one of those uses avoids much repair of wall damage over the life of a project.


Approx. $6.50 per linear foot


As a reveal, Display Reveal is compatible with both ½ and 5/8 inch gypsum board and yields a reveal that is ½ inch wide. The factory lengths are 10 feet long for efficient installation. The extruded track is supplied with a clear anodized finish and it may be field painted to match wall finishes. An installation guide is available on the company’s web site for convenient download.
AS Hanging Display Systems
Supplier of interior specialty hardware hanging-display fittings for the A&D community since 1964 and have completed 30,000+ installations. Our fittings mount objects to walls without the typical holes and damage caused by common hardware. Sustainability! These interior fittings are perfect for displays, and particularly transient displays, however, these pieces also formulate wall–mounted easels, structured bulletin boards, food service announcements, and many other unexpected applications. Add our products to your creative design palette while also reducing facilities maintenance costs.
Address: 8396 State Route 9
City: West Chazy
State: NY
Zip: 12992
Country: United States
Phone: (866) 935-6949
Website: http://www.ashanging.com
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AS Hanging Display Systems
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