Natural Creations LVT with the I-Set Installation System

Platinum Award
Natural Creations® Luxury Vinyl Tile with the I-Set™ Installation System is a groundbreaking solution for renovations and fast track construction projects that call for high quality products that can meet quicker completion schedules. This innovative flooring solution is manufactured with a factory-applied adhesive, eliminating the need for trowel-on adhesives and other additional installation materials. The installation can be completed in about 1/2 the time of traditional methods. With no wait time and immediate occupancy, the I-Set™ Installation System can restore revenue-producing spaces to operational status; and it's easy to maintain, repair, and replace. Replacements are easy to accomplish by facilities management staff. The all-in-one flooring solution offers immediate return to the space and long-lasting performance. When the schedule calls for a quick alternative to traditional installation methods, Armstrong has 20 beautiful selections to satisfy construction and renovation plans.


LEED® EQ Credit 4.3 - Low Emitting Materials (Low VOC): Flooring Systems, FloorScore® certified, recyclable paper backing

Armstrong Flooring

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