Laminam by Crossville

Platinum Award
Laminam by Crossville is an exciting line of porcelain products that are only 3mm thick and 3'x9' (yes, "feet" not "inches"!) in size.

These panels are wonderful for wall covering, countertops, even door facings, etc. They are durable like traditional tile but so light and versatile. Crossville sees this category as holding great growth opportunity, and that's why we've gotten into the arena with so fully.

Founded in 1986, Crossville, Inc. is the largest domestic manufacturer of large-size Porcelain Stone® tile. The company offers award-winning Porcelain Stone®, glass and metal tile for both commercial and residential environments. Crossville® promises to “Elevate Your Space” by continual product, style and service innovation. For more information, contact Crossville, Inc. at 800-221-9093 or visit

349 Sweeney Dr
Crossville TN 38555
United States
(931) 484-2110
Crossville Inc
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