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Metallic Seat Belt Chair ...
2019 Platinum Award
We’ve been working on a metallic version of our Seat Belt chair for several years, and now it’s just right! Our obsession with detail had to be spot on, and we found a way to weave a met ...
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Sea Grass Table
2018 Platinum Award
Inspired by the softly swaying dune grasses by the seaside, our handmade Sea Grass Table makes a beautiful and uncommon addition to your home. Made with hand-gathered stones smoothed by the  ...
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2016-17 Nominee
Flamingo is a sculpture inspired from art. An object of utility such as a container to accommodate and store small objects. A spontaneous gesture reveals a hidden component below. The cont ...
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foot spa
2016-17 Nominee
foot spa for 2 customers
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2016 Platinum Award
This pieces in unique in many way. First of all it is a Functional Sculpture. It means it was conceived to be a exhibited work of art, yet can be used as a side table. To better achieved it ...
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2016 Gold Award
Jason Mizrahi’s designs alter the perceptions of furniture and sculptural art. He explores techniques that push the limits of materials to unexpected shapes and revealed the beauty of its ...
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Canvas by YOY
2015 Platinum Award
YOY has achieved the impossible with this surreal seating solution – lounge effortlessly on a 2-dimensional image leaning against a wall, made possible through a clever construction of str ...
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1909 Elephant's Child ...
2015 Gold Award
Elephant’s child is an Art and Design object. The composition is based on four elements: function, form, color, and light. The piece is design to work as Entrance table. The form is produ ...
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Tangram (Furniture Puzzl ...
2004 Platinum Award
Tangram was inspired by the ancient Chinese puzzle that consists of 7 basic shapes. They can be configured to form hundreds of different shapes and patterns as well as functional furniture ...
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