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EvoFabric Dimensional
2015 Platinum Award
EvoFabric Dimensional is a revolutionary, padded faux leather created by an ultrasonic sealing process. A layer of foam is added in between the faux leather surface and the backing to create ...
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Kravet Contract Presents ...
2013 Platinum Award
Sta-Kleen performance fabric is a true revolution in faux leather upholstery. The latest collection from Kravet Contract is a follow up to the first successful Sta-Kleen collection, and incl ...
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Chamea II
2005 Gold Award
Chamea II is the supremely soft new decorative vinyl upholstery fabric pattern from Naugahyde. The Charmea II pattern consists of thirty-five fresh colors that will enhance any setting.  ...
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2005 Silver Award
Allure is the soft and supple new decorative vinyl upholstery fabric pattern from Naugahyde. Allure has a distinctive texture and is available in fifteen stylish colors. Because it is a ge ...
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