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Alto Steps
2016-17 Nominee
handmade flat weave rugs for stairs woven from nettle plant fibers. Set of 12 steps for
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Seagrass Rug - AMB0114
2011 Platinum Award
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Kashmir Natural Fiber Ru ...
2011 Gold Award
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Jaipur Jute Rug - AMB031 ...
2011 Silver Award
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Jute, Sisal & Seagrass r ...
2010 Gold Award
Each of these eco-friendly natural fibers is sustainably harvested and offer distinct textural qualities. Sisal fiber is revered for its strength and durability and has a coarse ‚¬â€ ...
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Bamboo Shag rug
2009-10 Nominee
The Anji Mountain Bamboo Shag rug is the last thing you'd expect from a bamboo rug: it's soft. It's actually softer and silkier than traditional shag rugs made from wool or synthetic fibe ...
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