Ronbow Corporation
Address: 40650 Encyclopedia Circle
City: Fremont
State: CA
Zip: 94538
Country: United States
Phone: (510) 713-1188
Fax: (510) 657-9388
Ronbow Corporation's Products
Zoe Vanity in Glossy White (E2
2015 Gold Award
24” Zoe: 24”(61cm) x 21-7/8”(55.5cm) x 33-1/2”(85cm) 30” Zoe: 30”(76.2cm) x 21-7/8”(55.5cm) x 33-1/2”(85cm) r ...
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Portland Vanity in Rustic Pine
2014-15 Nominee
30” Portland: 30”(76.2cm) x 21-7/8”(55.5cm) x 32-1/2”(82.6cm) 
 36” Portland: 36”(91.4cm) x 21-7/8”(55.5cm) x 3 ...
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Lexie Vanity in White (W01) Fi
2014-15 Nominee
24” Lexie: 24”(61cm) W x 21-7/8”(55.5cm) D x 34”(86.4cm) H 30” Lexie: 30”(76.2cm) W x 21-7/8”(55.5cm) D x 34” ...
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Ashland() Sinks
2015 Silver Award
25” Ashland(™): 25”(63.5cm) W x 22”(56cm) D x 12”(30.5cm) H Height above counter 2-1/2”(6.4cm) Unfinished backside
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