Victor Innovatex
A key offering is based on their Eco Intelligence® Initiatives, environmentally sustainable fabrics developed in partnership with environmental consultancy McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry.

Address: 2805 90th st.
City: Saint Georges
State: QC
Zip: G6A1K1
Country: Canada
Phone: (418) 227-9897
Fax: (418) 228-8985
Victor Innovatex's Products
Wavelength- Eco Intelligent Po
2007 Platinum Award
Cubicle cloth, or privacy curtains for Healthcare. Available from Interspec Fabrics. ...
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Branches- Eco Intelligent Poly
2007 Silver Award
Cubicle cloth, or privay curtains for healthcare. Available from Interspec Fabrics. ...
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Riviere LR1
2005-6 Nominee
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Performance Plus Eco Friendly
2005-6 Nominee
The Performance Plus Eco Friendly Collection is comprised of both modern geometric patterns, mixed with more organic and wide-range designs. ...
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eco by design - Metropolis-Eco
2006 Gold Award
The eco by design series is the first sustainable multicolored seating fabric collection which has been designed on the Eco Intelligence & ...
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eco by design - powered by nat
2005-6 Nominee
Powered by Nature is the fourth collection in the eco by design series . This new grouping of sustainable fabrics consists of five distinct ...
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Asana- Eco Intelligent‚ Poly
2005 Platinum Award
Asana, Victor's new Eco Intelligent ® Polyester open line panel fabric, is highly appropriate for vertical surfaces. It was designed and ...
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eco by design- Metropolis-Eco
2004-5 Nominee
Retro Action is the second collection in Victor's Eco by Design series . The collection consists of five playful, yet extremely useable se ...
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Martini- Eco Intelligent‚ P
2004 Platinum Award
The new Martini sustainable polyester merges playfulness with sleek sophistication through a blend of asymmetry, grid structures, and simple ...
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