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Goldsmith's Products
Modular Art & Furniture Collec
2016-17 Nominee
Introducing Goldsmith’s Modular Art and Furniture Collection, which features a Stacking Unit, Stool, Chair, Large Table and Small Table. I ...
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Kinky Girls
2016-17 Nominee
2016 has seen the introduction of five brand new poses for the Goldsmith Kinky Girls Collection, meaning that the collection has been extend ...
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2005 Platinum Award
The Swan-10 is one of a series of ten countertop presentations that employ the graceful swanee' line to reiterate the feminine curvature. ...
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Three-Tier Fixture
2005 Platinum Award
The ST-35 Three Tier Fixture is a compact modern design that incorporates a classic material (satin steel) buffed to shimmering perfection, ...
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2004 Platinum Award
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2004 Gold Award
A smart set of table and floor lamps feature contemporary shaped paper, linen, metal, or fiberglass shades, (oval, square, trapezium, and pr ...
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