Mono Tabletop

Products from a modern German craftwork. Made in Germany.

The history of mono is also the history of the Seibel Metals Factory, a
home-grown family enterprise, in the business of manufacturing flatware and
table accessories for over one hundred years. The origins date back to
1895, long before the mono-era, when the Seibel Britannia Goods Factory was
founded in Mettmann. Entrepreneurship, product knowledge and an innate
sense for good design have since been passed on from generation to

mono continues to be a craftwork because we maintain many traditional
production processes. Even though one tends to associate modern design
with high tech, it is the meticulous attention to detail by seasoned
craftsmen that assures the perfect end product. mono flatware is produced
in some 30 steps that require extreme skill. The manual skills and the keen
eye of our craftsmen are irreplaceable. Even the designers get involved in
the final fine tuning of the production process for all new products. There
is something else that has a long tradition at mono: important business
decisions are not only made through a thought process, but also involve
intuition and feeling. This formula has proven both reliable and

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