Kova Textiles
KOVA Textiles is the result of a continued collaboration between textile designer, Libby Kowalski, and designer/builder, Greg Kowalski. KOVA Textiles continues to hold the interest of the architectural and design community with innovative choices for window shade and panel track applications. This fabric passes the NFPA 701 drapery test for flammability.

KOVA's product line also includes new patterns in their translucent panel offerings which encapsulate both fabrics from the Krystal Weave Satin  ...  
Address: 32 Union Square East #216
City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10003
Country: United States
Phone: (212) 254-7591
Fax: (212) 254-7434
Website: http://www.kovatextiles.com
Kova Textiles's Products
2007 Silver Award
A play on gingham in artificial light and a horizontal stripe in daylight, Tasse turns light into art. This high-style, yet familiar window ...
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Twizzle Black
2006-7 Nominee
Twizzle just sizzles and zigs. In its black colorway, it adds pizzazz to elegance. A little old and a little new. Twizzle reminds us of h ...
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2006-7 Nominee
Whether covering windows or dividing spaces, Octave oscillates between contemporary and traditional points of view. It's sumptuous shimmer ...
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Ogee Black
2007 Platinum Award
A twist of fate and a historical motif becomes contemporary. The pointed oval (top and bottom) gently makes its way through a labrynth of w ...
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Futura White
2005-6 Nominee
A lustrous light weight fabric, Futura shimmers and shines. Turning windows into a fashion statement, Futura provides designers with unique ...
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2005-6 Nominee
Swirl has a small horizontal stripe which plays back and forth with the small overall lacy pattern. Depending on the time of day and the ba ...
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Twizzle Gold
2006 Platinum Award
Twizzle is the golden fabric of the Krystal Weave SHEER Collection. Looking like liquid gold, this fabric just sizzles and zigs. It's a li ...
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Golden Dawn translucent panel
2005 Platinum Award
Simply glitzy, Golden Dawn Laminate can be as little or as much as you want. Shown here with a large moire finish, the panel takes on an al ...
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Krystal Weave SatinFR Collecti
2005 Platinum Award
Carrying on the "krystal" sparkle, KOVA Textiles introduces a second collection of translucent fabrics. The SatinFR Collection is easy to us ...
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