Dan Hermes Fine Art
Dan Hermes Fine Art creates moving digital paintings, audiovisual works for framed, flat screen televisions, LCD or plasma. Our moving digital paintings bore mention recently in Forbes, Reuters, Hotel-Online, HospitalityNet, Hotel Executive, Residential Architect Online, and CNBC. The works engaging the viewer on a deep emotional and intellectual level with traditional painting elements of color, shape, composition, and narrative - along with a contemporary experience of motion and time-based forms. Formerly reserv  ...  
Address: 211 Wachusett St #2
City: Jamaica Plain
State: MD
Zip: 02130
Country: United States
Phone: (781) 526-0738
Website: http://www.danhermesfineart.com/
Dan Hermes Fine Art's Products
2011 Gold Award
Projection works well in a space with exposed walls and low light. Careful integration with surrounding details transforms a space into a ro ...
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Queen Annes Lace I
2011 Platinum Award
Framed moving digital paintings range in size from six inches to sixty inches for single screen installations. Forty plus sized screens are ...
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Jamaican Coastline
2009-10 Nominee
Our landscapes are natural and man-made structures and the elements. Plein Air, archictectural studies, and outdoor whimsy. ...
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Hammers in Pink
2009-10 Nominee
One of our most popular "still lifes". Of course, the joke is that our still life moves. Everyday objects arranged in certain way ...
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2011 Silver Award
In our Nature category we pursue the elements in our paintings, wind and water, for as the Impressionists sought to capture light in nature, ...
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Air in Three Colors
2009-10 Nominee
Inspired by modern dance and the movement of paint on a canvas, our Abstract category begins where Abstract Expressionism ended. The freedom ...
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Dan Hermes Fine Art's Projects:
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