Impact Enterprises, Inc.
Impact's continual research into working with new materials allows us to manufacture designs and products that have never been manufactured before. Through the demands of our customers, in addition to Product & Information Packaging, we now manufacture custom signage, custom corporate gifts, and a wide selection of desktop and tabletop accessories.
Our research into new materials focuses on materials that are solvent-free, recycled, highly durable, or come from Verified Sustainable Forests.
Our products grace the t  ...  
Address: 11 Horse Hill Lane
City: Warwick
State: NY
Zip: 10990
Country: United States
Phone: (845) 988-1900
Fax: (845) 988-1910
Impact Enterprises, Inc.'s Products
North Oaks Golf Club
2011 Gold Award
Solid Cherry from a Verified Sustainable Forest. The cherry is stained with an eco-friendly stain. The decoration is an embossed logo in r ...
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Spice 2
2009-10 Nominee
A metallic faux leather (copper colored) menu cover. This unique piece has three decorations. 1. A blind debossed logo 2. A copper foil d ...
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Impact_Merrill Assoc Binder
2011 Platinum Award
Merrill Associates Binder joins our unique tortoise shell brass finish with our brushed aluminum finish in a reverse "S" or "wave" pattern. ...
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Impact Naples Beach Hotel Soli
2009-10 Nominee
Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club is a collection of solid wood Guest Room Accessories. All of our solid wood products are manufactured from w ...
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Impact_Surfboard Menu
2011 Platinum Award
Our Surfboard Menu Cover is truly a unique and eye-catching menu cover. This exciting design was created for a beach restaurant, and has be ...
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