At AMTC our philosophy is simple: innovate and manufacture reliable automatic plumbing products. Our first goal was to develop an automatic flush valve system that would offer ultimate reliability. After researching the market for almost 10 years and speaking with hundreds of chief engineers, plumbers, and maintenance people at different facilities around the U.S. we learned that there were consistent problems with the current automatic flush valve designs that these facilities were using. According to our research the most consistent problems were maintenance headaches from downtime of urinals and toilets due to failing solenoids, faulty sensors, and “out of order” fixtures from dead batteries. So when we set out to develop our automatic flush valve system we not only concentrated on fixing the existing problems with current designs but set out to develop a more complete and reliable system. With this mindset we innovated a unique design that would become revolutionary.

The AEF-801 DUALFLUSH® automatic flush valve retrofit kit uses a simple patented mechanism that eliminates the solenoid completely. The mechanism consists of a small all brass gear stainless steel motor that works in conjunction with the BRV® (Ball Relief Valve) to activate the flush. This simple mechanism eliminates the use of a solenoid thus allowing for many years of trouble-free operation. The unit was also designed in such a way that the original flush handle may be used as a courtesy flush option or as a backup flush option that will flush the urinal or toilet when the batteries are dead thus reducing or eliminating “downtime” or “out of order” signs. We also offer a push button conversion kit for the flush handle so that if the flush handle is not desired, a push button can be installed in its place that will still allow for the mechanical flush option. The AEF-801 DUALFLUSH® also includes advanced switch adjustable software features including sensor distance settings, water saver mode, ghost flush mode, low/hi volume settings, and urinal/toilet mode. The unit is universal for urinals and toilets and will retrofit Sloan Regal® or Royal® and Zurn® flushometers. To top it all off, the unit was designed to use the original manual diaphragms for easy maintenance, only uses 4-AA batteries that can be replaced without having to turn off the water, and includes an angle adjustable sensor beam for use in elementary schools and high toilet applications. With its reliable mechanism, advanced features, and overall reliability the AEF-801 DUALFLUSH® is the ideal choice for every facility.

AMTC continues its development of reliable plumbing products with its AEF-301 Automatic Faucet system. This automatic faucet system uses the same patented BRV® mechanism as the AEF-801 DUALFLUSH® thus eliminating the use of a solenoid and providing for many years of trouble-free operation.

AMTC plans to introduce more innovative and reliable plumbing products into the market in the next several years. For more information about our company and our products go to or call us toll free at 800-874-7822.

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