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Arcalux Corporation
Arcalux Corporation
6306 Alder Dr
Houston TX 77081 
United States
(713) 218-8999

Arcalux Corporation

Arcalux Corporation, headquartered in Houston, Texas, designs and sells florescent lighting systems, the SmartFixture™, that deliver economic and aesthetic benefits including: reducing overall operational cost by maximizing energy efficiency and reducing installation & maintenance costs; as well as enhancing commercial space by providing a family of aesthetic and engineering options not available in the marketplace. Arcalux™ was born of the recognized need for a new kind of fluorescent lighting system. Technology for housing fluorescent lighting in place today has remained virtually unchanged since the 1940's, despite numerous changes in lamps and ballasts. Arcalux™ founder, Mark Welker, began with the assumption that any technology that had not changed in 60 years was ripe for improvement. After a number of years working in the industry, he designed and built the Company's first product, a modular, energy efficient and versatile fluorescent lighting fixture, the SmartFixture™, to address the unmet needs of building owners, facility managers and end users. SmartFixture™ can replace existing luminaires of a similar size or be used in new construction where 2' x 4' luminaires would normally be installed. Basically, the SmartFixture™ can be used in lieu of the 2' x 4' luminaires used today for task and general activity lighting in many commercial, educational, retail and institutional buildings.In addition to the 2' x 4' design of the SmartFixture™, Arcalux™ is also developing designs for the recessed direct/indirect, 2' x 2' and 1' x 4' luminaires while incorporating the patent pending technology of SmartFixture™. Using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) guidelines as its baseline, Arcalux™ is committed to sustainable building design and providing a positive effect on our environment through its innovative products. Three key features have been brought to the forefront through world-class engineering which makes the SmartFixture™ a welcomed addition to our Earth: (i) when the SmartFixture™ is installed and later relocated or modified, normally only 2% to 5% of this luminaire will be removed…these parts can also be stored and reused affording nearly zero landfill impact; (ii) lamps and ballasts last longer again reducing landfill impact; and (iii) the SmartFixture™ is always shipped in biodegradable packaging with low mercury content T8 and T5 lamps. SmartFixture™ has the potential to help end users capture more LEED® credits than any other lighting system on the market.Whether considering a lighting system for new construction or an existing facility, the versatility, energy and maintenance saving capabilities of the SmartFixture™ lighting system makes it the right choice. As lamp and ballast technology continue to evolve, the SmartFixture™ can be readily adapted to meet future changes.For more information about Arcalux™ and their innovative products, please visit their website at or contact them at Arcalux Corporation 6306 Alder, Houston, Texas 77081. Arcalux's telephone number is (713) 218-8999 and the toll free number is 1-888-686-2589.
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