Wittus - Fire by Design
Nothing can compare to a love of home and hearth and for the past 30 years Niels Wittus has nurtured his company, believing in the products, quality, the beauty and joy these stoves and fireplaces bring to American households. The essential ingredients are: artistry, technology, and environment.

Artistry — Produced in Europe, the award-winning fireplaces and stoves combine the most up-to-date automated manufacturing techniques with old world hand craftsmanship. Unique and original, they are a revolutionized  ...  
Address: PO Box 120
City: Pound Ridge
State: NY
Zip: 10576
Country: United States
Phone: (914) 764-5679
Fax: (914) 764-0029
Website: http://www.raiswittus.com
Wittus - Fire by Design's Products
Wittus Flatfire Gas Fireplace
2007 Platinum Award
The Wittus Flatfire Gas Fireplace incorporates visual design, cutting edge technology, and ease of use to create a highly efficient and safe ...
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Wittus Phoenix Grill
2007 Platinum Award
The Danish-designed Wittus Phoenix Grill can be used as an outdoor fireplace, barbeque grill, and simply enjoyed as outdoor sculpture. Made ...
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Wittus Star Gelfire Pillar
2007 Platinum Award
Garden sculpture by day ‚¬â€œ dramatic lighting by night. Nothing sets the mood like flaming torch pillars standing tall against a ...
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Wittus Shaker Wood Stove
2011 Platinum Award
Inspired by the classic American Shaker wood stove and reinvented by Italian designer Antonio Citterio, the Wittus Shaker Wood Stove redefin ...
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2005-6 Nominee
With an upward flourish, the impressive Etna commands attention with its curvaceous, organic architecture flanked by wings of soaring sculpt ...
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