Lightfaktor Design Inc.
Lightfaktor is an architectural lighting firm that provides high-end contemporary lighting products, design services, and custom-designed fixtures for commercial and residential applications. We specialize in custom fixtures. Lightfaktor also distributes and manufactures LED and Fiber Optic products to the US and Canadian market.
Address: 2329 Cypress Point East
City: Austin
State: TX
Zip: 78746
Country: United States
Phone: (512) 782-9810
Fax: (512) 233-1045
Lightfaktor Design Inc.'s Products
2005 Platinum Award
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2006 Platinum Award
Each fixture is a custom fabricated plexi-glass rectangle. Each rectangle houses small acrylic tubes, enclosing strands of sparkle-side ligh ...
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2005-6 Nominee
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2006 Gold Award
Pen-Will are custom, adjustable, graceful flower fixtures, each consisting of 1mm fiber optic cable. To mimic the effect of blooming flowers ...
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2006 Platinum Award
Cubozoa is a custom fixture that consists of three, 15-19' long cascades, each composed of 86 tails of sparkle-side light fiber optic cable. ...
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