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Energy. Visa remains committed to the beauty and art of light, however; we have made a concerted effort to develop performance oriented products to enhance energy efficiency.

LED Solutions. Long life and low energy consumption LED lamps are integrated into products where 24 houroperation is required such as hospitals and atrium areas. LED source provides glow during daytime hours, while
fluorescent with performance optics provides the evening illumination. The LED source can be provide the after hours  ...  
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Country: United States
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Visa Lighting's Products
Infinity Performance
2008-9 Nominee
High Performance fixture in configurable aluminum housings will fit any design intent. With a choice of 4 bottom detail designs and FP Optic ...
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Infinity Art
2009 Silver Award
Visa Lighting integrates optically enhanced LED sources into Infinity Art, curved modular lighting system. Slender and ribbon-like, configur ...
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LED Luminous Bowls
2008-9 Nominee
Visa now offers luminous bowls which combine performance optics with LED bowl illumination. These fixtures offer several advantages over tra ...
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2008-9 Nominee
Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Visa Lighting melds environmental responsibility with the beauty of art in light. With this in ...
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