Address: 499 E. County Road 300 South
City: New Castle
State: IN
Zip: 47362
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 433-0790
Fax: (800) 882-6824
Website: http://www.dlcouch.com
D.L.Couch's Products
Geodesic by Lanark
2014-15 Nominee
Orderly and perfectly balanced curved lines create geometric patterns on multiple levels of scale and complexity. ‘Geodesic’ offers a un ...
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On Point by Lanark
2014-15 Nominee
Glistening metallic dots are playful accents to random vertical dashes of color in the ‘On Point’ design. All of the design elements ble ...
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Barista by Lanark
2015 Gold Award
Description An enticing twist on a simple theme, “Barista” takes a classic stripe to a higher level. Fine horizontal slivers of metallic ...
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Bricco by Lanark
2014-15 Nominee
Inspired by modern interior stonework, ‘Bricco’ is a clean and chic geometric texture. This design is timeless, yet current with its ear ...
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Spot On by Lanark
2015 Platinum Award
D.L.Couch has introduced the latest addition to our Lanark line of wallcoverings, Spot On. Spot On provides a mid-scale, embellished pattern ...
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D.L.Couch's Projects:
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