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Light is everything. Light is both perception - how we see everything we experience - and how we remember the moment. It's how we experience color, texture, dimension and even mood. It's how we sense and record the environmental ambiance or 'feel' of a space. It provides that X-factor. It's either there or it isn'With this in consideration we bring our lines of ambient lighting that enhance their environment in various ways, allowing one to control color, texture and intensity  ...  
City: San Antonio
State: TX
Zip: 78209
Country: United States
Phone: (210) 414-3695
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Lightlink releases Prizm Art Lighting Series
Written by: Mike Brannon
Article SAN ANTONIO, Texas - June 1, 2016 Prizm Suspension Art lighting 'If Industrial elegance exists, this is it' Lightlink Lighting proudly announces the 'Prizm Suspension' Art lighting series. The Prizm Suspension is pure Zen / Industrial. Created with groupings of triangular lucite tubes lined with irridescent dichroic film and lit via fiber optic generators or LED’s. This art lighting sculpture is perfect for intimate dining experiences, as the ambiance can be whatever is desired. Less truly is more.Suspension is via ultra-thin stainless steel cables. Custom dimensions are avaiable. Now celebrating their 19th year and the ‘Year of Light’, the award-winning LIGHTLINK's work has shown in museums, galleries, studios and events throughout the US, including TEDx San Antonio, TEDx Austin, the Austin Museum of Art,San Antonio Museum of Art, The McNay Museum of Art, The Bluestar Contemporary Museum of Art, The Design Center of Austin (DCA), Southwest School of Arts & Crafts,KLRN/PBS Studios, BlueStar Galleries, Lombardi Gallery/ Austin, Cities/Houston, Typhoon/Santa Monica, CMPBS/Austin and 3-FORM's digital design contest. Lighlink's designs have been featured in EnLIGHTenment, Natural Home, Organic Spa, Eco-Structure, Design Journal, CLAD, Architect, Apartment Therapy, Hospitality Design, Ecobuilding Pulse, Innovative Home, Residential Lighting, FORM, LD+A, Austin Urban Home, Brilliant, Austin Home, Phoenix Home & Garden, The Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Magazine, San Antonio Express-News and on The San Antonio Living show. LIGHTLINK's sustainable, green-designs are often refered to as 'Zen/Industrial', "Illuminated Sculpture' or 'Zenlightenment', by the design press, as their goal has always been to provide unique, organic, contemporary, space enhancing, custom, ambient Art lighting to the trade, as well as clients with modern tastes. The Prizm series is perfect for home, office, studios, modern residential spaces, or any open, modern space where an ambient, organic, sophisticated statement is desired. Lightlink - the Art of Light. Available September 1, 2016 For all inquiries please contact : Mike Brannon . Lead Designer . 210.414.3695 . Lightlink Lighting LLC San Antonio . Texas . 78209 LightlinkLighting .com @lightlinklights ###
Lightlink Lighting's Products
2016-17 Nominee
Designed for TEDx San Antonio in Summer 2016 the Hypercube is an art lighting sculpture created with Acolyte's color-changing Dynalyte logic ...
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Prizm Art Lighting Series
2016-17 Nominee
The Prizm Series lighting is created with equilateral triangular clear acrylic drop tubes, dichroic film and RGB color-changing fiberoptics. ...
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Triangulation LightFrame Art L
2016 Gold Award
Triangulation LightFrame is an ultra-thin, contemporary fiber-optic driven art lighting suspension. Its an equilateral triangle measuring 32 ...
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Radplate Suspension Art Lighti
2016 Platinum Award
The Radplate Series Art Lighting was an attempt/challenge to create the thinnest, yet most vivid, visual razors of ambient light floating in ...
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EL Hotwire Art Lighting Series
2016 Gold Award
As seen in Enlightenment magazine - October 2013 EL Hotwire Series Art lighting created with electroluminescent wire embedded in clear re ...
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Lime Slice Barlighting
2015-16 Nominee
As seen in Natural Home magazine Metropolis inspired barlights handmade with cast and extruded aircraft aluminum and fluorescent acrylic. ...
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Dichroic Temple | Pi Art Light
2015-16 Nominee
As seen in Enlightenment Magazine's High Point Issue - March 2014 Made from reclaimed Maple, perforated steel and dichoric film this piece ...
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Obelisk Art Lighting
2015-16 Nominee
As seen in Enlightenment Magazine October 2014 Originally a model / prototype for an 8' Art lighting sculpture designed for a 2-story resid ...
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Amber Waves table lighting
2016 Gold Award
Amber Waves is a touch sensitive table light made bamboo veneer on an aluminum rod and base with allen style hardware. 28" x 12" ...
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Lightlink Lighting's Projects:
TEDx San Antonio Conference -
The TEDx San Antonio conference was an opportunity to create ambient, kinetic light sculptures as inspiration as part of the conference experience. Be ...
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