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The piano is a part of our family — our memories and sentiments are attached to it unlike any other material possession. Enduring through the centuries, the piano has tirelessly given us great pleasure and companionship. We are proud to offer our Gallery & Online Museum as a free educational resource about antique pianos and related instruments.

We at Antique Piano Shop seek to educate the public at large, promoting restoration and preservation of antique pianos, organs and related instruments. Our online  ...  
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Article Antique Piano Shop is one of the only companies in the world that deals exclusively in restoring antique and designer musical instruments to former, historically-accurate glory as well as customizes pianos and organs to suit any interior design need specified by designers and homeowners.

Owner Michael Stinnett, who has been rebuilding pianos for 25 years, has earned the moniker “Piano Man.” He is on a mission to promote the preservation of antique pianos and other instruments, and educate people about the importance of these valuable commodities. His team of technicians, historians, wood workers, artisans, and pianists have decades of experience restoring, collecting and archiving historical information, making the team true experts in “refurbished-to-era” antique instruments. “Our pianos are one of a kind and built of superior materials and craftsmanship, from the ‘Golden Age’ of piano building in America, and they are restored to be like-new, inside and out,” says Stinnett.

A few of Antique Piano Shop’s most popular historic design styles specified for interiors by home owners and interior designers are Victorian, Mission/Arts and Crafts, Louis XV, Sheraton, Craftsman, and Rococo. The talented crew, which works in a creative workshop environment in Friendsville, Tenn., specializes in these styles for the restoration of pianos including upright, player, square grand, grand, and baby grand pianos, to name a few.

Stinnett leads his skilled team of craftsmen also to refurbish parlor, chapel and piano-cased organs as well as melodeons. His approach to piano restoration is synergistically based on his relationship to the instrument.

"Being a professional pianist is what got me so involved with piano restoration and preservation; it is my life,” he says. “I evaluate and restore these precious, vintage musical instruments first from a pianists' point of view, and second with the combined perspective of artistic design and technical science.”

Antique Piano Shop collaborates directly with homeowners or business owners when restoring pianos. When an interior designer specifies a custom piano, Stinnett works closely with her to create a unique work of art that meets her client’s needs.

Each instrument is evaluated on an individual basis and a careful process of restoration is applied. New components such as strings or felts are installed only as required. Preserving as much of the original instrument is essential to vernacular design refurbishment. “Once an instrument is acquired, we painstakingly disassemble it piece by piece, documenting every step of the process,” explains Stinnett.

When an instrument is commissioned by a designer or homeowner, they are invited to provide input on exterior piano preferences such as customized color, faux finishing, gold gilding, intricate painting, artwork, and woodwork, among many options.

In some cases, the team fabricates new legs, trim or decorative features to correspond with the client’s furnishings and interior design plan. A goal for every piano is to result with a true sense of harmony with the room in which it will be installed.

Unlike the more commonly expected black grand or baby grand style, Antique Piano Shop’s pianos are customized in sync with an interior’s precise traditional design palette. Some designers opt for an objective of juxtaposition, whereas a piano is fashioned for display in a transitional-style interior that reflects elements of both traditionalism and avant-gardism.

The end result is an instrument that is as close to the original, yet historically “new” condition, as possible and designed in keeping with the chosen aesthetic.

“Our instruments often have historical provenance, which lends an air of romance and sophistication. Hand-carved, period-style cases adorned with artistic finishes that have been designed for specific interiors make each of these instruments a real treasure,” says Stinnett.

As a young man, Stinnett restored and sold his first piano for $200. To date, the most expensive piano he has sold surpassed $350,000. The market for antique piano restoration and preservation is strongly supported and is becoming an increasingly popular trend in residential home and select commercial design.

As restoration costs steadily increase, the value and interest in antique instruments are growing as well. Stinnett and his team are often recruited by designers to find and “refurbish-to-era” instruments on commission per interior space, which guarantees customer satisfaction. Stinnett believes, “People who love and appreciate antique instruments are those who create the real market for these instruments, and in turn, preserve an important part of our history for future generations to come.”

Through a vast gallery and online museum,, Stinnett offers an unprecedented resource on the topic, furthering interest in restoration and preservation. “Our goal is to correct common misconceptions about antique pianos and related instruments, and to offer an accurate and credible educational resource online,” he says.

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