Rust-Oleum Corporation
Address: 11 Hawthorn Parkway
City: Vernon Hills
State: IL
Zip: 60061
Country: United States
Phone: (847) 816-2476
Rust-Oleum Corporation's Products
X-I-M 400W White NT 100
2014-15 Nominee
X-I-M's 400W White NT 100 is a quick dry, white bonding primer/sealer. Can be tinted and may be used with all topcoats. Sticks to tough-to-p ...
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X-I-M Tile Doc
2014-15 Nominee
X-I-M Tile Doc is a patented acrylic modified 2-part epoxy white finish for ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic surfaces. It is form ...
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X-I-M Peel Bond
2014-15 Nominee
X-I-M Peel Bond is a clear, high-build, water base, strong bonding primer, sealer and filler. Peel Bond remains flexible over the life of y ...
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X-I-M Advanced Technology UMA
2015 Gold Award
UMA's Advanced Technology has both primer and adhesive-like qualities. A quick dry, hazy clear primer sealer that provides excellent adhesi ...
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Rust-Oleum Corporation's Projects:
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