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We are a family owned and operated company originally started in London, England in 1981. The business moved to the USA in 1998. Initially, supplying original freestanding period, Victorian and Edwardian antique baths and vintage tubs from all over England, France, Europe and the United States.

As the business transitions to true reproductions, we can now proudly state Made in the USA. Our ‘Saint’ Cast Alloy bathtubs are Cast, Prep’d, Polished and Enameled in the USA. Bringing traditional te  ...  
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Vintage Modern Bathtubs
Written by: The Bath Works, Inc.
Article A tub design dating back to 1860 France. A true European antique was used as the basis for this modern re-casting. Cast here in the US using a traditional sand casting technique pouring an alloy rather than iron. We cast in an aluminum based alloy which has many advantages over iron; slightly lighter, great thermal properties and it will never rust. The interior has a slow baked enamel coating which is glossy and glassy replicating the original porcelain interior. The St. Lyon tub has unique details that have not been seen since the 19th Century. It has a thin lip rather than the more common rolled rim, the base has an outer protrusion which usually fits ornate feet but also allows us to custom a wooden plinth. We are adding the plinth to our Vintage Modern line, it can be custom made from American Hardwoods, including Ash, Poplar, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple and Walnut all from Sustainable Sources. There are three styles of edge profile; Ogee, Roundover and an Ornate Double. Each plinth (like the tub) is hand made and hand finished to order and can be stained, pickled or grain-matched and clear lacquered. The exterior of each tub can be enameled to virtually any color, Metallic coated or Hand Polished (often referred to as Burnished). The images show the exterior Hand Polished with our #6 Satin Polish. The casting is sanded smooth before being highly polished, it is then finished using a satin buffing pad to create a slightly pitted and grained satin finish rather than a ‘mirror’ or chrome like polish (which would be our #8). The Bathroom for this tub release was created to inspire a very luxurious and feminine room; airy and sun-filled. Yellow and golden accents to bring out the ‘Sunshine’ whilst the modern fixtures set a balance of old and new. We hope to portray an inviting room to bathe and relax. We have been a forerunner of rare and unusual bathtubs since the US based company started in 1998 (US Incorporated in 2001, UK founded in 1981). All our ‘Saint’ tubs are cast to order and hand finished in our Columbia, Tennessee workshops. We offer tubs for clients who want something different, made for them, not mass production copies.
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Regent Bathtub
2017-18 Nominee
Inspired by turn of the century Porcelain/earthenware tubs from J.L. Mott & L. Wolff Manufacturing. We've updated the shape and used mod ...
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St. Marseille
2016 Platinum Award
An oversized opulent French antique tub was used as the pattern for this casting whilst the Plinth was adapted from an American antique. Thi ...
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St. Versailles with Hand Polis
2015 Silver Award
We've taken our Cast Alloy St. Versailles bathtub and created a custom exterior finish which gives the look of Burnished Iron. Our non-ferro ...
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St. Lyon with Wooden Plinth
2014 Platinum Award
The St. Lyon hand cast and hand finished tub sat on a hand made wooden plinth. The Wooden plinth is sourced Sustainable American Ash and is ...
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The Barn Retreat
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