Our specialty glass and surface finishes are a result of innovative design, superior attention to detail and exceptional project management. Our work always bears the craftsmanship of a handmade art piece, although some projects may be similar in nature and scope, no two projects are ever exactly alike. Our company is insured and bonded for your protection. We are creating for you and your clients, an original specialty design. We will create complimentary samples and welcome out of the box ideas as it helps us to  ...  
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BlueSkyGlassDesign | The Process
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Concepts and ideas originate with you, our clients. Our studio welcomes inquiries and discussions to begin a collaborative process. This initial discussion explores the possibilities of your project. We will typically discuss color, texture, and placement in the space, materials and budget. Then we continue to work within the scope of possibilities to expand on the project ideas.

After the initial parameters are outlined, we will begin the process of samples to further refine the concept. Unique material exploration and out of the box thinking is one of our strengths at BlueSkyGlassDesign. We will create complimentary samples specific to your project and we often present a few unique options based on the original idea.

Once we have received your approval on the custom samples, we then price out the actual cost of fabricating the project, delivery, and installation of the piece on site within your projects timeline.

Execution of Project:
The majority of our projects are produced in our Dallas Texas studio. We finish or near finish the piece as much as we can to minimize and streamline the site work, making sure every piece created meet the highest quality standards.

Depending on the complexity of a project, we can offer full or partial installation through coordination and assistance with local contractors. Our main objective is to ensure every piece is handled professionally. Period.

BlueSkyGlassDesign's Products
Depth Lami one side mirror
2014 Silver Award
1/4 over 1/4 laminated antique mirror over mirror ...
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Gild leaf art glass
2013-14 Nominee
Custom hand made gold and silver leaf art glass ...
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Ocean Blue Custom table
2014 Platinum Award
The table top is hand painted and designed from Blue Sky base made by William and Wesley of Dallas ...
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Park !7
2013-14 Nominee
22k hand strung custom bead art and frame work. hanging at 15 ft. Led lighting make a striking statement. ...
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Dallas Med ctr.
2013-14 Nominee
Custom finished metal panel fireplace wrap. ...
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Eilan San Antonio
2013-14 Nominee
Custom hand made 2 color (black and gold) Antique mirrors. full wall aprox. 1100 sq ft. ...
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Nick and Sams
2015-16 Nominee
BSGD Custom hand made art glass 1/4 inch plate tempered and designed using a custom mixed alcohol dye to create the art. possibilities are ...
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Depth lami art mirrors
2012-13 Nominee
Depth lami mirror. Duel layered hand crafted custom designed mirrors. Give a unique depth within the design. Like no mirror you have eve ...
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Shiver art mirrors
2013 Platinum Award
custom patterned mirrors one of a kind and made for the designers vision and intent. These mirrors are custom made and site specific. The d ...
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