MADD Interior & Architecture Designers
Address: 244 Mecca Street
City: Amman
Zip: PO Box 2685 Amman 11821
Country: Jordan
Phone: 009626-5523980
Fax: 009626-5523920
MADD Interior & Architecture Designers's Projects:
Plaza Offices
Plaza offices are located in the most prestigious and active commercial area in the centre of Amman. The client requirements and functionality are met ...
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Scholtes Showroom
Scholtes home appliances showroom is designed to meet modern kitchens requirements. The design concept and color scheme are well noted and are incorpo ...
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Private Residence Project
Situated in a prestigious area, this private residence consists of two floors of a total area of 1100 m2. The design concept considered the view, envi ...
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VIP Private Jet Lounge
The VIP lounge of a private jet company was an old building renovated to a modern design that meets the businessmen needs and requirements. ...
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