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SERVO-DRIVE for drawers
SERVO-DRIVE is an optional electric opening feature for TANDEM and TANDEMBOX drawers. By combining this feature with the soft closing action of BLUMOTION, we have taken perfecting motion to a new level. Customers will be amazed by the quality and ease of use. SERVO-DRIVE is a great solution for the waste bin drawer in any kitchen but it is also a great solution for kitchen users that are disabled or suffer from arthritis.


Interzum Award for Intelligent Material and Design 2005, Red Dot Design Award Winner 2006, Designpreis Nominee 2007
Blum Inc
Blum, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of functional hardware for the kitchen cabinet and commercial casework industries specializing in lift systems, concealed hinges and drawer runner systems. Virtually all of the hardware needed for cabinets is available within the wide range of quality Blum products.

Blum's manufacturing and distribution facility in Stanley, North Carolina supplies the North American markets through a network of more than 150 dependable distributors. Manufacturing in North Carolina allows Blum to react quickly to changing customer needs. Production can be increased quickly to handle unexpected surges in demand. Customer pickups and deliveries can be timed to better match customer production schedules. Our automated logistics warehouse is just one way Blum reduces storage costs while increasing efficiencies in filling customer orders.

Blum's premium concealed drawer runner is now completely made in the U.S.A. Each set of TANDEM plus BLUMOTION consists of over 170 parts, all manufactured and assembled in the U.S. Blum's STANDARD, METABOX 320M and SOLO drawer runners are also “Made in the U.S.A.” products.

Hinge systems are generally assembled in the U.S. with the majority of components (steel and zinc) manufactured in our Austrian plants. Most plastic components are injection molded in our U.S. facility. Drawer runner systems are typically manufactured and assembled in the U.S. with only a small number of components being imported from Austria. Our U.S. manufacturing facility features metal stamping, powder coating, injection molding and automated assembly processes. Lift systems are manufactured and assembled in Austria.

Product development at Blum considers all of the various customers who will come in contact with our products. With this “Global Customer Benefits” philosophy we strive to create advantages for all users from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

Blum, Inc. is ISO 9001 certified which means that you are assured of consistent quality in every Blum product. What's more they exceed the requirements of ANSI/BHMA standards for cycle life, static load and self-closing performance.
Address: 7733 Old Plank Rd
City: Stanley
State: NC
Zip: 28164
Country: United States
Fax: (704) 822-2320
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Blum Inc
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