Cyclo Directional
The Cyclo Directional provides a brilliantly simple dynamic light solution for retail and other commercial applications. Easy to program, and simple to fit, the Cyclo Directional creates expressive new environments that can adapt to shifts in culture, mood and climate. The optical module is directional and offers a powerful 3 x 54W T5 package. Track and surface mount versions are self-contained with 10 standard programs covering most color spectrums, as well as a master/slave option or full DMX control for larger installations. Useful for wash lighting and decorative color effects in indoor environments, the Cyclo Directional uses RGB technology to generate both colored and white light of variable temperature. A patented optical system produces a broad, even wash of ready-mixed color. Great for providing dynamic or flexible backdrops, the Cyclo has application in retail, window displays, restaurants, corporate environments, showrooms, lounge areas. It also works well in conjunction with conventional luminaires such as 70W halogen pin spots. The Cyclo Directional is easy to install and requires no knowledge of DMX. It is a plug-and-play means to create dynamic and compelling retail environments. The Cyclo Directional track mount version clips directly into any standard type 3-phase track. The surface mount version features a simple wall-mounting system, allowing for directional illumination of ceilings or walls. A newly developed optical system provides seamless color mixing within the main reflector, allowing the fixture to be positioned close to the illuminated object without causing an unwanted rainbow effect. The Cyclo Directional is designed to be aimed and can be tilted +/ ‚¬â€œ 60°. Zero maintenance, long-lasting lamp life (20,000 hrs). 3 X 54W T5 tubes create the high output necessary to cut through the high ambient light levels typically found in retail. Each of the T5 tubes is electronically dimmable from 0-100%.
Martin, Inc.
Martin Architectural is all about fresh ideas, offering a contemporary approach to architectural illumination through dynamic light. Martin Architectural is a division of Martin Professional, the largest manufacturer of intelligent lighting in the world. It shares with its parent the same intrepid pursuit of excellence in form, and innovation in theory. Martin Architectural, a pioneer in the field of dynamic light, emerged in 2001 as a distinguishing player in the field of architectural lighting, offering a new way to look at light. What differentiates Martin Architectural from other manufacturers is the unique nature of its product line – a range of award-winning indoor and outdoor luminaires with unique natural qualities of color change, pattern projection, intensity control, and movement. These new tools for more innovative lighting design are capable of both traditional white light and alluring color projection. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, Martin Architectural luminaires are durable, easy-to-use creative tools capable of responding to today's changing requirements. Designed to satisfy the architectural sector's requirements for aesthetic form, versatility and efficiency, Martin offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor architectural washlights; color-changing spotlights; promotional luminaires; dedicated sources for fiber optic cable; Martin Architectural 3M Light Pipe Systems; lighting design software packages; and a range of sound reproduction devices for architectural purposes, the first concept ever to integrate audio and light-reflecting capabilities in one complete solution. Martin control systems favor ease of use and intuitive interfaces that allow users a high degree of interactivity with their environments. Dynamic Martin Architectural lighting solutions can be found the world over and span a wide range of applications: outdoor, retail & display, urban, corporate, bridges & structures, sport & leisure, hotels & hospitality, art & culture, health & wellness, landscapes, private residences and more. The Martin Architectural head office is located in Aarhus, Denmark, in one of the world's most renowned regions for design. The Martin family includes over 1000 employees and has a presence in over 90 countries. Martin operates a state-of-the-art production plant in Denmark, an architectural marvel in its own right. Martin Architectural is active in presenting seminars and symposiums covering a host of lighting topics at exhibitions and its many locations around the world. Labeled “the manufacturer of the moment” by the architectural lighting industry press, product excellence has followed with the Inground 200 recognized as the “Best New Product of the Year” at Lightfair 2005.
Address: 700 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy
City: Sunrise
State: FL
Zip: 33325
Country: United States
Phone: (954) 858-1800
Fax: (954) 954-1811
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