G25 LED Bulbs
LEDtronics ® announces G25-Style DйcorLED direct incandescent replacement LED lamps. G25 DйcorLEDs combine Indium Gallium Aluminum Phosphide (InGaAlP) and Silicon Carbide/Gallium Nitride (SiC/GaN) Light Emitting Diode (LED) technologies, standard 25mm Edison-screw bases and light maximizing designs.


Prices for G25 DйcorLEDs range from $31.50 - $49.50 each in quantities of 1,000 depending on LED technology and color. Availability is stock to 4 – 6 weeks.
LEDtronics Intermediate and Medium 15mm and 25mm Based LED Lamps provides the industry's most comprehensive source of direct incandescent replacement LED lamps for Automotive, Aviation, Decorative lighting, Architectural, Gaming, Theme-parks, Utility plants, Street lighting, Emergency/Safety and Industrial lighting applications. LED lamp Bases available are 15mm Single-Contact and Dual-Contact Bayonet, S6 Miniature Candelabra and 25mm Edison Screw base. Exit sign retrofit LED lamps and kits, beacon warning lights, industrial stack light status indicator tower lamps, types 1, 2 and 3 LED traffic control lamps, task lighting, darkroom/safelight lamps, R20/21 lamps, MR16 LED lamps, solar-energy, renewable energy (dark Sky friendly) enabled lighting solutions. With a choice of sizes, standard electrical bases, sunlight-visible LED colors like White, Red, Green, Aqua Green, Yellow, Amber and Blue, industry-standard voltages, there's a LEDtronics' Intermediate and Medium Based Lamp to fit most applications. Panel Mount LED Lamps and Holders come in snap-in, bolt-on, hardware-mounted and relampable versions. With many behind-the-panel depths available, LEDTRONICS Relampable Panel Mount LED Lamps and Holders (RPLH) are excellent choices for applications where space is restricted and aesthetics a consideration. Panel LED Lamps and Holders can be employed in utility monitoring boards, industrial control equipment, audio and intercom panels, broadcast equipment, nuclear power status stations and medical instrumentation, etc. . . . Miniature Based LED lamps are available with Sub-Midget, Midget Wedge, bayonet, S6 Candelabra, Telephone Slide bases ranging from T1 (3mm), T1 ¾ (5mm), T2, T3 ¼ (9mm) to T5 As you can see, our product line encompasses the largest array of industrial direct incandescent replacement Based LED
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