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White Orchid
This close-up and intimate view of a White Orchid lends itself to many interior solutions. Clean white tones along with some subtle colour make it a winner for those open and high key interior spaces.
White Raven Productions
White Raven Productions Inc. was formed specifically to focus on the visual needs of Architects and Interior Designers. Today more than ever we are inundated with images, and incorporated into the interior environment, large images play an important role. Whether illustrating a Corporations product or service, serene landscapes in a supportive health role or theme based images in the hospitality industry, we can help you compliment your project with dynamic imaging. Started in 1967 and continuing today, Gordon Henderson's passion for producing fine, yet dramatic images takes another step forward by incorporating new process technologies. These processes compliment his expertise in the field of large format photography. Gordon's "vision" coupled with his remarkable "eye," impeccable "timing," and rich "sense" of color, produces arresting images that truly convey a sense of realism in any interior environment. Working with a "relaxed" intensity in the areas of Commercial, Industrial and Marine, you can be assured of excellent imaging depicting your company, products and services. Gordon certainly understands industry, budgets and the Corporate environment, and when it comes to offering "quality and service," this is not just a statement, but a commitment. Backed by thirty years of Aerial photographic experience, Gordon is able to capture those spectacular views seldom seen, especially when "timing" is the all important element. Coupled with his efficiency in the air and working within a team, the client is assured of another cost effective project. White Raven Productions Inc. prides itself with catering to commission work, thereby giving the client something that not only represents them more appropriately, but a sense of personal pride as they too were part of that team.
Address: 1591 131 St
City: Surrey
State: BC
Zip: V4A 4B2
Country: United States
Phone: (604) 728-7831
Fax: (604) 536-8845
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