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UltraMax‚® Dimming
UltraMax ® Dimming electronic T8 ballasts are high efficiency instant start ballasts that are the highest efficiency dimming ballasts available throughout the dimming range. These ballasts allow various light levels without sacrificing efficiency during dimming while allowing end users to achieve up to 40% additional energy savings. These ballasts are offered in Bi-Level Switching 100/60% (-S60) or Load Shed 0-10V Dimming 100 to 60% (-V60).


The innovative, patented technology in our UltraMax® Dimming electronic ballasts allow more flexibility in lighting design than ever before at an affordable price well below conventional dimming ballasts. Take energy savings to the next level beyond efficient lamps and ballasts.
GE - Consumer & Industrial Lighting
Company: GE - Consumer & Industrial Lighting
Address: 41 Woodford Ave.
City: Plainville
State: CT
Zip: 06062
Country: United States
Phone: (216) 226-8862
Fax: (860) 747-7443
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