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Jacuzzi Inc. is committed to designing bath and spa products that combine warmth, water and air movement in invigorating massage combinations to rejuvenate, relax and reconnect. As the inventor of the whirlpool bath and spa categories more than 30 years ago, and with more than 250 patents worldwide for innovations in pump systems, jet technology, air controls and product design, Jacuzzi continues to deliver the optimal hydrotherapy experience. For more information about Jacuzzi whirlpool baths, air baths, showers, sink and toilet suites, and hot tubs, visit www.jacuzzi.com.
Company: Jacuzzi Luxury Bath
Address: 13925 City Center Drive
City: Chino Hills
State: CA
Zip: 91710
Country: United States
Phone: (909) 548-7732
Website: http://www.jacuzzibrands.com
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