QFG Series - Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heaters
CLIP-N-FIT ® FEATURE Patented Clip-N-Fit ® feature (US Patented No. 6,172,343) allows the installer to change the wattage of the heater to a lower output without moving jumper wire. Each heater is factory wired for its maximum wattage. To change wattage, clip out either jumper 1 or 2 as shown in the installation manual for desired wattage. This Patented Clip-N-Fit ® feature also prevents the operator to change wattage after installation to a higher wattage. RESIDENTIAL: QFG Series electric in-wall heaters are suitable for use in almost any room. Use single heaters in smaller rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Use multiple heaters (controlled by a single thermostat) in larger rooms such as living rooms and family rooms. Wattage should be determined through heat loss calculations. COMMERCIAL: Suitable as the primary heat source in smaller rooms and as supplemental heat in almost any general use area. Dual Protection: Thermal cutout with indicator light and one time thermal fuse. Tangential blower for whisper quiet operation. Sienna White baked enamel finish. Open coil element assures quick heat and low maintenance. Three piece construction for ease of installation. Permanently lubricated, dust protected bearings.
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